The Company Everyday you see at least one news story of how video surveillance cameras played a role in identifying or apprehending a criminal in the act of committing a crime. Video surveillance is proving to be the most effective and affordable way to deter and curb crime, as well as manage a business when you can’t be there. Its use is exploding around the world as a result. Now you can afford this new tool as well.
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Safety and Prevention

Jobsite safety, false workman’s comp claims, vandalism, and materials and equipment theft has made it harder than ever to show a profit in the construction industry. After completion, the competition between new developments is at an all-time high and any edge you can get is worth consideration.

Omni-Watch has developed a new video surveillance solution that can be installed, phase by phase, during the build out process of a residential or business development. It allows remote viewing and recording of your materials and equipment day or night, as well as the ability to keep an eye on employees and subs, all through the website. All that is required is electricity and a high-speed internet connection. We’ll do the rest.

Once the job is completed, the system remains in place as a new state of the art amenity to lure new home buyers or retailers to the safety afforded them in your new development. Crime Watch volunteers or store owners will have the ability to patrol the area 24 hours a day from the safety of their home or business, and in the case of a merchant, they can keep an eye on their business from home after hours.

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