The Company Everyday you see at least one news story of how video surveillance cameras played a role in identifying or apprehending a criminal in the act of committing a crime. Video surveillance is proving to be the most effective and affordable way to deter and curb crime, as well as manage a business when you can’t be there. Its use is exploding around the world as a result. Now you can afford this new tool as well.
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Strict codes and regulations can be a tough job to track. In every department of your plant, meeting production schedules and maintaining efficiency is “Job 1”. Your ability to monitor employees, shipping and receiving areas, and plant-wide safety policies is crucial to keeping overhead costs to a minimum. Then there are those issues of false worker’s comp claims, materials and equipment damage and theft, and employee apathy that has to be dealt with. If you could only be in twenty places at once… Sound familiar?

Omni-Watch has your solution with our website based video surveillance systems. Now you and your supervisors can keep an eye on things remotely, day or night. Watch your customized camera system through the Omni-Watch website from any PC with broadband internet access from anywhere in the world. You have immediate access to live video 24/7, as well as the ability to pull up recorded history after a given event from as far back as two weeks - guaranteed. Take a snapshot right off the screen and email it or print it for use later.

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