The Company Everyday you see at least one news story of how video surveillance cameras played a role in identifying or apprehending a criminal in the act of committing a crime. Video surveillance is proving to be the most effective and affordable way to deter and curb crime, as well as manage a business when you can’t be there. Its use is exploding around the world as a result. Now you can afford this new tool as well.
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Investment Safekeeping

In March of 2006 the first website-based camera system providing video surveillance for an entire neighborhood was developed and installed in Dallas, Texas. This new technology eliminates the need to cable cameras back to a central point, and provides a website where neighbors can log in to view live views and recorded history, with the ability to capture snapshots of suspicious activities that can be saved as files on the user’s computer where they can be accessed as evidence for capture and apprehension. The cameras and supporting signage resulted in an immediate 80% reduction of reported crimes based on hard police statistics while the crime levels in other neighborhoods nearby continued to climb.

The cost to purchase and install the system is usually less than $100.00 per home when shared equally by the home owners in the neighborhood, and with the affordable monthly fees for event storage and live access, it can cost up to 93% less than a drive through security patrol service. If this sounds like something your neighborhood could use, contact us today for more information. Toll free (866) 511-4800 or email

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