The Company Everyday you see at least one news story of how video surveillance cameras played a role in identifying or apprehending a criminal in the act of committing a crime. Video surveillance is proving to be the most effective and affordable way to deter and curb crime, as well as manage a business when you can’t be there. Its use is exploding around the world as a result. Now you can afford this new tool as well.
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Small Business

Loss Prevention/Protection

Providing a greater level of security is only a small part of the reason you need video surveillance in your business today!

All businesses have cash leaks which reduce bottom line profits. Many times these leaks represent $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 per month within a small business and can be much greater depending on the size of the operation. These leaks can include low employee productivity, internal and external theft, higher than necessary unemployment taxes, liability law suits, false worker’s compensation claims, and poorly trained employees.

Omni-Watch representatives are trained to conduct our exclusive “Observation Protocol” evaluation of your business to clearly identify areas of actual and potential loss and illustrate how much profit you could recover with smart remote management through website viewable video from anywhere, anytime. Prices of our systems start at only $175 per month for four cameras. Call or email us today for details and references from other business owners that have increased their profits through Omni-Watch. Toll free (866) 511-4800 or email to

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