What Should Be Your Next Step Following the Yahoo Email Account Hack?

Yahoo Mail Hack

The latest email account breach impacting more than one billion Yahoo accounts has users all over the world worried about how to protect their digital privacy. What should you do now?

News that the struggling internet company was breached back in 2013 — coming on top of a separate hack that exposed some 500 million Yahoo users — should serve as a reminder that everyone’s email and personal information is vulnerable to hacking.

“They got users’ names, birthdays, they got encrypted passwords — though the passwords may not have been encrypted with secure technology — and they got answers to security questions, so if you had a Yahoo account and you typed in your mother’s maiden name or the name of your first pet — all of that information was accessed by hackers,” NewYorker.com editor and CBS News contributor Nicholas Thompson said on “CBS This Morning.”

There are plenty of articles published in print and online about what to do. One of the many reliable sources of information is found at KrebsOnSecurity.com. It features in good old fashioned Q&A format what you as a consumer should to protect your identity.

Safeguards you can take include creating strong passwords and changing them when you have to. Yes, all this is highly inconvenient. But if you ignore this, you risk putting your personal or financial information — or even your identity — at risk.

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