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Our History

In 1990, Butch Davis founded Rapid Response Systems, Inc., where a staff worked with simple electronic alarm systems that connected to POTS lines. Fifteen years later, in 2005, Omni-Watch Systems was created as a division of Rapid Response Systems, Inc. to deliver the latest security technology—including the most cutting-edge, feature-rich, and cost-effective products for commercial and residential applications—at the most affordable rates possible.

Today, Omni-Watch offers a multitude of systems that utilize all forms of communications media to provide end users with the ability to perform everything from routine alarm functions to controlling their living and work environments. Throughout our history, our hands-on experience has constantly evolved along with the ever-changing security world, and through it all, we’ve worked diligently to simplify our client processes while always keeping abreast of industry developments and changing client needs.

Out-of-the-box thinking

To stay ahead in the fields of technology and security, you need innovative thinkers who aren’t afraid to ask challenging questions in order to find the best solutions. That’s why our team of professionals is constantly developing new, simplified methods to sell and install a wide array of products and services. By doing so, we ensure our customers always have the latest products and features when it comes to security, ease of use, and accessibility.

Our professionals

Butch Davis


Butch graduated from North Texas State University in 1980 with a BBA in Administrative Management and minors in Marketing, Accounting, Sales Management, and Personnel Management. He started his career in the security industry in 1987, advancing from salesman to branch manager for Emergency Networks, Inc. based in Dallas, Texas. In 1990, he founded Rapid Response Systems, Inc., where he worked as an entrepreneur designing, selling, installing, and servicing all of the product lines offered by the firm including residential and commercial security and fire alarm systems, CCTV systems, and electronic access control systems. The RRS client base is extremely diverse and includes clients such as CI Host, Wing Stop Restaurants, and the Frisco Rough Riders minor league baseball club. Butch is the primary contact person for OWDS and initiates the setup process for all member dealers in our dealer program.

Dale Stanford

V.P. / Technical Training, & Support

Dale joined Butch Davis in 1993 as RRS began to grow and expand, He served as the installation and service manager for the firm and was instrumental in the development of best practice methodology for installing and servicing all of the product and service offerings for RRS. Dale is charged with all field support functions and installation supervision, as well as installation training in our dealer program.

Ben Davis

V.P. of IT. & Technical Support

Ben brings the IT and technical support needed to keep our products and services perfectly integrated with the more complicated side of today’s cloud-based world. He has worked in technical support for firms like T-Mobile and served RRS as a field installation and service technician for over 10 years. Ben has a Level 1 certification from the TDPS PSB, is Microsoft certified, and has the unique ability to translate tech speak down into language that can be understood by even the most non-technical end user. Ben manages all the back-end cloud services for the end users and dealers in the OWDS dealer program.

Kurirai Adamson

V.P. | Cyber Security & Compliance

Kurirai Adamson brings a robust 25-year portfolio of information technology management to Omni-Watch Systems. He launched his career as a telecommunications engineer designing circuits for both the private and business sectors at Southwestern Bell, where he worked with multiple teams including outside plan engineering, construction and roadblock crews, and splicing technicians. At Omni-Watch, Kurirai enables businesses to attain a new sphere of awareness by identifying opportunities in the SMB landscape. With his clear vision of comprehensive cyber hygiene, he’s proud to head Omni-Watch’s new Cyber Security Division as its leader in SMB cyber security, awareness, and training.

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