On-Premise Access Solutions

With Access Control solutions from Omni-Watch Systems, you’ll control who can enter your grounds. Control authorization restricts entries and exits to your offices, warehouses, stockrooms, and other off-limit areas. We offer electronic access control systems which replace traditional computerized lock-and-key methods. Our systems store entry and exit attempts so you can monitor the traffic of any area of your business.

Access Control solutions from Omni-Watch Systems allow you to:

  • Choose which staff members have access to specific areas
  • Designate varying permissions and privilege levels

Increase security levels through two-factor authentication to ensure third parties are denied access when using another user’s ID

Passwords aren’t sufficient when both internal and external agents have access to restricted areas. This means that a combination of passwords, PIN codes, smart cards and biometric fingerprint measurements will be required to protect unauthorized areas from uninvited individuals.

We offer numerous types of Access Control solutions, all of which are customizable to your unique needs and requirements. By partnering with Omni-Watch, you are leaving your security in capable hands.

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