$3.2 Million HIPAA Non-Compliance Penalty Announced

On February 1, 2017, the HHS OCR announced that the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas (Children’s) received a $3.2 million HIPAA non-compliance penalty based on its impermissible disclosure of unsecured electronic protected health information (PHI) and non-compliance with multiple HIPAA requirements over many years. Children’s has paid the full civil money penalty of $3.2 million. Children’s is a pediatric hospital in Dallas, Texas.

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Skybell | 5 Smart Ways to Use It

Video Doorbell

Want a video doorbell for your home? You’re not alone. This connected front door device, called the Skybell, is one of 2017’s biggest and most popular smart home hits. Skybell is a doorbell, a video camera, and a two-way communications device all wrapped into one—and it gets even better when it’s installed as part of a smart home security system. Here are five really useful things you can do with one.

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7 Benefits of Being the Smartest House on the Block

Smarter Home Security

An Omni-Watch system, powered by Alarm.com, is a revolutionary wireless service that enables you to be vigilant for your family, keeping everyone comfortable and safe. Today’s connected home is more than just about shiny buttons, bells and whistles. It is the haven where families thrive, work and play. Protecting that haven is important to us here at Omni-Watch Systems. So we compiled a list of 7 of the most important benefits to having the smartest house on the block.

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Smarter Parenting: Create a Safer Home In 2017 With Omni-Watch Systems

Smarter Parenting

When my son was five, I overheard him plotting with the girl next door to sneak out and meet up for a play date—after my husband and I were asleep. That was the day I decided to get a smart home security system. A mom can’t rely on overhearing every plot, I realized. Even with mother’s intuition (and good hearing), I knew I was going to need some help to protect my kids from their own most audacious schemes.

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Replacing Smoke Detectors: Smarter Is Better

Smart Smoke Detectors

Don’t wait: check the date. That’s a message from the National Fire Prevention Association, organizers of Fire Prevention Week. If the smoke alarms in your house are more than ten years old, advise the experts, it’s time to replace them. Not many homeowners know how old their smoke detectors are, but it’s easy to find out: just unscrew each detector from its mounting, and check the date of manufacture on the back.

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What Should Be Your Next Step Following the Yahoo Email Account Hack?

Yahoo Mail Hack

The latest email account breach impacting more than one billion Yahoo accounts has users all over the world worried about how to protect their digital privacy. What should you do now? News that the struggling internet company was breached back in 2013 — coming on top of a separate hack that exposed some 500 million Yahoo users — should serve as a reminder that everyone’s email and personal information is vulnerable to hacking.

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