An intelligent, one-stop commercial security suite that works at the speed of business!


As a successful business owner, you know the value of efficiency and expertise. That’s why when it comes to protecting your business from burglaries, vandalism, employee theft, and severe weather, you can’t settle for anything but the best. Omni-Watch provides a comprehensive suite of commercial security and automation services that can be customized to your specific needs, whether you’re a small business owner with a single location or a CEO at the helm of a multi-location enterprise.

With professional grade security, business insight capabilities, and systems automation all accessible via one powerful dashboard, you can see whether your alarm system is armed, check on your employees, adjust the thermostat and more—no matter where you are.


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Professional grade security
Our patented crash and smash feature, designed for reliability, protects
your company from human interference, service interruptions, and power outages.
Remote arming and disarming capabilities
Multi-location employee user code control
Quick removal of terminated employees’ user codes
Automate arming and disarming schedules
Centralized dashboard for multi-location management

Identity protection features:
Get instant business insights with the remote monitoring feature. Check in at your convenience to see what’s going on or set up alerts for specific activities.
Check the status of the system remotely.
See which employee armed or disarmed the system.
Set up an alert if the business doesn’t open on time.
Monitor trends for lock, arming, and sensor activity.
Get image alerts sent to your device with the sensor.

Our commercial security suite of services includes:

Energy automation, management, and savings
With the integrated commercial energy management and automation feature from, you can automatically reduce waste and improve the safety of your properties’ electrical systems. Thermostats, lights, and locks can all be connected and controlled remotely to maximize comfort and minimize risk. Daily energy monitoring highlights opportunities for energy—and cost—savings.

Reliable, secure video surveillance with cloud-based recording
Omni-Watch provides a commercial grade video surveillance service, Secure-i. This cloud-based service can be fully customized to meet the unique needs of your property. Because Secure-i is located in the cloud, it can’t be tampered with or damaged—unlike traditional video surveillance systems. Recordings are stored in the cloud and can be accessed at your convenience while simultaneously eliminating the need for additional equipment.

Enhanced property management
Smart sensors sent alerts to your device when temperature changes are registered, for example if someone leaves a window open too long or changes the thermostat setting.

Climate control
With the remote climate control feature, you can control the thermostats regardless of your location. Lock in your preferred settings to prevent employees from changing them.

Lighting scheduling
Exterior and interior lighting isn’t just important when your business is open; it’s also critical to deterring burglars. Schedule your lighting and monitor it remotely to enhance security.

360 visibility of your business, 24/7
Single site and multi-site viewing, live streaming, and recorded video give you the ability to monitor activities at your business even when you aren’t on site.