Your one-stop risk management and compliance solution!

Seven areas of compliance covered in one simple solution
Comprehensive privacy and security management for the healthcare, insurance, and financial services industries.

Cloud computing, the borderless enterprise, bring-your-own-device policies, and the Internet of Things are making organizations more and more vulnerable to cyber threats. Cyber criminals are using advanced attack methods such as polymorphic/metamorphic malware, ransomware and DDoS to infiltrate and disrupt networks, steal data, and extort organizations. That’s why it’s increasingly important for organizations to ensure their systems are secure and in compliance with all data protection regulations—and that their people are fully informed about cybersecurity best practices.

Omni-Watch Complete360 provides a complete suite of privacy and security tools in one convenient platform. Our all-inclusive solution provides you with all the data protection, cybersecurity, and reporting tools you need, including policies, procedures, forms, training, assessments, vendor management, audit, and breach management.

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Built for any size organization
Omni-Watch360 is a comprehensive privacy and security management solution that’s designed to help any size organization, from small businesses to international enterprises, achieve and maintain compliance quickly and affordably.

Security and privacy management
More than 25 tools created to manage all areas of compliance.

Risk management
Our automated, highly condensed risk assessment immediately generates a full report with findings and recommendations. The mitigation tool guides you through the process of implementing corrective actions and measuring progress. You can print a detailed report for your records.

Policies and procedures
Our policies and procedures capabilities are unmatched. We provide 19 of each to cover every eventuality. All content can be customized to your organization and pushed to staff for attestation. If you want to add your own policies and procedures, our tool allows you to add your own custom content.

Training and awareness
Use our library of training and awareness courses to quickly and effectively train your employees in cyber hygiene. After taking a course, the user completes a quiz, and the results are sent to the administrator. You can also add your own training with our custom course generator.

Vendor management
Our vendor management tool helps manage the entire relationship between you and your subcontractors and ensure compliance in all interactions. Share assessments, contracts, training, tasks, and whatever else is needed to maintain a successful working relationship.

Audit and breach management
Use our audit and breach management tool to detect, track, and manage audits and breaches that occur in your network. Simply set up an audit or breach, then assign tasks, organize documents, set goals, and print reports.

Employee oversight
Beyond training and awareness, our tool also comes with asset management, a anonymous whistle blower feature, and the ability to assign and track custom content created by the administrator. Tasks can be scheduled to reoccur yearly.