Comprehensive network and cybersecurity solutions for all your business needs!

In today’s hyperconnected world, organizations of all sizes are increasingly vulnerable to network breaches, data theft, and other forms of cybercrime. That’s why ensuring maximum protection for your company’s network and data isn’t a choice: it’s a strategic and legal requirement.

With more than 20 years of experience providing top-quality IT and cybersecurity solutions for midsize and small businesses, Omni-Watch appreciates that every company has its own unique structure and business objectives. That’s why our experts invest the time and effort to understand your organization’s specific requirements before designing the best possible solution for your company’s needs.

IT security consulting

Learn whether your system and data are adequately protected from risk with our IT security consulting services. After a complete review of your operational flow, privacy policy, and data protection methods, our consultants provide you with an analysis of the results, a best practices plan, and offsite IT support to reduce risk and improve compliance.

IT comprehensive network assessment

Whether your network is slow, needs upgrading, or has become inefficient due to “accidental architecture,” our network assessment will give you the insights and recommendations you need to achieve peak network performance at the best possible price. Fill out our contact form to request your complementary network assessment—it’s free, and there’s no obligation!

Network vulnerability scanning

If you want to protect your network and data, you need to make sure they’re protected from both external and internal threats. That’s why our network vulnerability scanning involves two parts:

An external security inventory scan that assesses your networks vulnerability to cyberattacks
An internal security inventory scan that pinpoints security issues caused by human error or criminal behavior

The scans can be ordered separately or together and involve everything from initial setup to recommendations for improvement. Remediation consulting services can be requested at an additional cost.

General computer/network support

Our Omni-Watch Help Desk provides a range of cost-effective remote and onsite IT support options for small businesses including network troubleshooting, hosting, consulting, and IT management.

Our remote support services include:

Online troubleshooting, diagnostics, and resolution
Extended hours support
Network security assessment
Backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity

Our on-site Support Services include:

Temporary or part-time chief information officer services
On-premises security and compliance assessment

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