Omni-Watch identity protection: Proactive security for your privacy

According to recent studies, cybercrime is showing no signs of slowing down. In 2016 alone, identity thieves stole from 15.4 million Americans—that’s a 16% increase over totals from just the year before!

Clearly, identity theft is a threat of increasing proportions. Last year, victims’ losses totaled a whopping $16 billion—up nearly a billion dollars from the previous year. Despite this growing trend, however, there’s something you can do to protect your identity from theft and fraud, and Omni-Watch has the answer: Omni-Watch Identity Protection.

Identity protection features:

Identity theft recovery
Trained advocate support
Removal of false identity event from record
Return to pre-theft status
Monitoring of identity records
Alerts and notifications of ID issues
Included free with Interactive Gold Service

Protect yourself against identity theft and Internet fraud

Identity protection is available to all Omni-Watch Systems’ Interactive Gold Service subscribers. This comprehensive protection is available through our partnership with PrivacyMaxx, a full-service identity theft specialist and noted privacy management firm. With your self-initiated enrollment, you’ll receive proactive alerts of potential issues, as well as round the clock support and complete identity restoration in the event a theft occurs. Trained identity restoration specialists at PrivacyMaxx provide any additional assistance you need. And in the unfortunate event you become the victim of cybercrime, you’ll receive one year of follow-ups after your identity is restored to its pre-theft status.

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How to get started

Once you’ve signed up with our Interactive Gold Service Plan, your identity is protected in just three easy steps:

  1. Receive email notifications of enrollment.
  2. Log in to your account, and select a service option.
  3. Achieve peace of mind with our full identity protection recovery services.