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Is your network as secure as you think?

As a critical aspect of comprehensive security and regulatory compliance, an in-depth network assessment provides visibility into the current state of your network. This involves evaluating all of the components and procedures that make up your IT infrastructure, including software, hardware, processes, and systems management.

An in-depth network assessment will:

Flag issues such as failing hardware or outdated software
Expose vulnerabilities like unsecured network access points
Evaluate application integration
Assess incident reporting and disaster recovery procedures
Highlight opportunities for improvement

Why should a small business undergo a periodic network assessment when everything appears to be working fine?

Every organization, regardless of its size, should undergo periodic network assessments—especially now, with the growing use of mobile devices, APIs, and cloud-based solutions. In addition to revealing issues with the network infrastructure, a network assessment will also provide insights into how human behavior is impacting the security of your network, for example if unauthorized and unprotected devices are being used on the organization’s network or if employees are downloading files from unknown sources to the company’s server. Remember: A lack of awareness regarding cybersecurity best practices is one of the leading causes of network vulnerabilities.

Omni-Watch Systems provides a comprehensive network assessment that evaluates your network in regard to security, stabilization, mobile device use, and API integration, as well as compliance with privacy and security regulations. If your organization hasn’t performed a professional network assessment in the last 12 months, contact Omni-Watch as soon as possible.


Determine the capabilities and vulnerabilities of your network.
Find hardware that’s nearing the end of its lifecycle.
Locate sources of any performance issues.
Establish a baseline for standard performance.
Gain visibility of your network inventory.
Document your assessment results for remediation planning.

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