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Training & Awareness

Training & Awareness


Privacy and Security Training

Our online training and awareness programs contain the most up to date courses on privacy and security. Each course contains a short video and a quiz. Students can print out their own certificate upon completion.  Some courses can contain handouts and or notes as appropriate to the topic. Print graphical reports showing completion, pass rates and overall results for quiz questions. New courses are added each month.

  • Full Online Training with Video Courses and Quizzes
  • Personal Dashboard for Admins and Employees
  • Push Courses Provided by Us or Add Your Own
  • Set Pass Rates, Get Status Reports, Print Results
  • Much Much More

We have several privacy and information security awareness training programs and are adding more each month.  Try Omni-Watch Systems Training today!

Training Preview

HIPAA Overview

The above training was taken from a recent webinar and provides an overview of requirements for those responsible for HIPAA compliance, such as information security officers and managers,  privacy officers and managers, and legal counsel. This is not representative of the training provided to all employees… Our trainings incorporate many real life situations, and provide information that the average employee will understand and be able to put into practical work application.

The Importance of Privacy and Security Training

Security Awareness Training is critical to privacy, security and compliance.

With security breaches now a part of our daily news stream, an ONGOING security awareness training program is critical to the health of any size organization. Today, business leaders must be ever vigilant, because the effects of such training can fade with time. Some regulations and standards require annual security awareness training. However, there are occasions when it makes sense to conduct training more often:

  • If your business has suffered a data breach.
  • If there’s been a change in your network, policies or procedures
  • If there’s been a change in compliance rules and/or regulations
  • If a risk analysis indicates security awareness is lacking

Also consider more training under these circumstances:

  • When an employee becomes disgruntled and files for unemployment benefits
  • When an employee takes on a new role in your business
  • If an industry competitor suffers a breach
  • If another business in your building suffers a breach
  • When you hear about new hacking methods that could affect businesses like yours
  • If a hired network penetration specialist successfully overcomes your security controls