Effective, ongoing employee education in cyber hygiene and cybersecurity best practices!

Privacy and Security Training
Maximize client and patient security and avoid non-compliance with our professional development training.
Complete privacy and security management for the health, insurance, financial services and retail industries.

Are your employees the weakest link in your cybersecurity chain?

Although cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and focused, human error and non-compliance are among the leading causes of data and network breaches. Some of the most common mistakes employees make include always using the same login credentials, clicking on links in or attachments to emails without verifying the source, downloading files without scanning them for viruses, and logging into the company network via an unsecure connection.

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Security awareness training is critical to data security and regulatory compliance

You can have the most advanced cybersecurity solution, but if your employees aren’t trained in cyber hygiene, your organization is always going to be at risk. Moreover, because cyber threats evolve quickly and industry regulations are updated regularly, this training needs to be ongoing. So while some industries only require annual training, there are instances in which it makes sense to refresh or update your employees’ knowledge of cyber hygiene:

If your network has been breached
If your policies or procedures have changed
If rules or regulations have changed
If a risk analysis indicates your employees lack security awareness
If a disgruntled employee leaves the company

If an employee assumes a new role in the organization
If a competitor suffers a data breach
If an organization in the same building or office park suffers a breach
If a new threat targets companies in your industry
If a network penetration specialist successfully bypasses your security controls

Anywhere, anytime, any device training and awareness

Our online training and awareness programs consist of the most up-to-date courses on privacy and security. Each course contains a short video and a quiz. When appropriate, courses may contain handouts or additional documentation. Students can print out their own certificate upon completion. Administrators can print graphical reports that show completion rates, pass rates, and overall results. New courses are added each month.

Full online training with video courses and quizzes

Personal dashboards for admins and employees

Push courses provided by us or add your own

Set pass rates, get status reports, and print results

Training preview

This training was taken from a recent webinar and provides an overview of requirements for professionals responsible for HIPAA compliance, such as legal counsel, information security officers and managers, and privacy officers and managers. Note that this course isn’t representative of the training provided to all employees. Our trainings incorporate many real-life situations. They provide information that the average employee will understand and be able to put into practice in the work environment.