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Lifestyle Security

Serving Dallas/Fort Worth  Since 1990


Compliance Services

Documented employee awareness training, policies and procedures, vendor management and much more are required for your business. We offer administrative compliance support for small businesses in multiple industries focusing on but not limited to medical, financial and retail industries.

Performance Services

Your business requires network assessments and risk analyses as part of your compliance requirement. We offer affordable assessment services complete with detailed reports, executive summaries and recommended remediation for your IT team.

Technology Solutions

We provide physical and cyber security products and services to local firms and communities. Protect your business, employees, customers, family and home with remote automated solutions at your fingertips.

About Omni-Watch Systems

Omni-Watch Systems is a division of Rapid Response Systems, serving the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex for over 25 years. We are a leading provider of regulatory compliance products and solutions, cyber-security and risk assessments, performance services, and technology solutions to regional and national firms in the retail, medical and financial services industries. Our team of professionals has developed simplified methods to deliver a wide array of quality products and services that enable our customers to keep up to date with the latest products and features for security, ease of use, and compliance.